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How To Choose The Right Network Marketing Opportunity.
by: shawn johnson
Copyright 2005 by Shawn Johnson.

I think it's fair to say that most of us have at one time or another been introduced to network marketing by friends, family, or even complete strangers. And they always make it sound so easy, don't they? We are told that all it takes is a few e-mails or a phone call or two and then it's afternoons lounging on some tropical beach.

Of course, anyone who has joined a network marketing opportunity knows it isn't quite that easy. But this doesn't necessarily mean that network marketing is a scam either. There are thousands of people who are enjoying a massive residual income every month from work they only had to do once. But how do you choose which network marketing opportunity is the right one for you?


The first and most important thing to look out for is to make sure the opportunity your interested in is a legitimate one and not a pyramid scheme. And the best way to do this is by looking at the company’s product. A pyramid scheme will usually have a product of little or no value that is used mainly for the recruitment of others. Ask yourself if it is something that you can use and sell outside of the program?

Would you buy and use the company’s product even if you were not involved in the income opportunity? If the product is only useful in recruiting others into the program than you should probably stay away from it. And do you truly believe in the product? No, not because your sponsor tells you how great it is, but do YOU really believe that the company’s product is worth buying?

And is there a need for the product? I once watched a show where people submitted their inventions in a contest and as all of these people gave their presentations I remember thinking "wow, these are all really cool!" But as the judges began tearing the inventions apart I realized that while some of the inventions were pretty nifty, they weren't really very useful to anyone besides those who invented them. So make sure that the company's product has a real demand for it.


We have been told most of our lives that you get what you pay for. While this may be true with a lot of other things, it is not necessarily so with network marketing. It is easy to believe that because an income opportunity is low cost it must not work, and if it is expensive than it must make you money. This is not true, in fact it is quite the opposite.

The more expensive an opportunity is, the harder it is going to be to get people involved. And the harder you are going to kick yourself in the backside if it ends up not working for you. There are plenty of lucrative opportunities that cost between forty and two hundred dollars. Remember, you will still need money to advertise your business.


How much money you will actually make from each sale is a huge factor in determining your financial success. Make sure that the company is giving you a reasonable commission. If you only get a buck or two from every sale you make this is most likely not going to be very profitable for you.

Try to avoid programs that force you to go wide on your first level, or who don't reward you for going deep. The average network marketer only recruits two to four people, so you will want an opportunity that allows your downline to go deep which will make it easier for everyone and may help people from quitting the program.

Many companies also offer incentives such as fast start bonuses which can really jumpstart your earnings. You should be rewarded for your work right? There are many opportunities that have excellent bonuses so there is really no need to join one that does not.

The Company

It is always good to know who you are dealing with. Do a little research on the company and the program your thinking about getting involved with. Are there any complaints or lawsuits against them? Do former members relate awful experiences in network marketing forums?

You also don't want to get involved with a company too early or too late. Make sure they have been in business long enough to establish that they are trustworthy but at the same time you don't want to get involved so late that the market has already become saturated.


The success of your network marketing business depends greatly on your ability to keep your downline members active and to train them to recruit and keep their downline active as well. Duplication is the key to success with network marketing. The program should have great marketing tools, training, and excellent customer support. Some opportunities even have a members only forum which is a huge plus.

Recruiting Friends and Family

It can be really exciting when you first join a network marketing opportunity. Your full of energy, motivated about the product, and eager to get started. But you really should give yourself at least six months and some sales before you start calling the family tree.

That way if after the first two months it doesn't work out you won't feel stupid and have to hear "I told you so" from your loved ones. If your presenting a new opportunity to them every month it won't take very long before you won't be taken seriously.

Free Trials

The majority of opportunities have anywhere from a 7 to 30 day free trial where you can have full access to the program. This is the best way to see if it is going to work for you. Just make sure that you do a little research and see if the company honors these free trials without problems. Since most opportunities these days have a free trial, you need to think hard before deciding if you should join one that does not.

Network Marketing can have great rewards, or great consequences. These tips can steer you in the right direction and help you avoid some of the common mistakes that many of us make when getting involved in network marketing.

Most importantly, always go with your gut instincts and use common sense. If an opportunity doesn't seem right to you...Don't Do It! I have yet to come across a "once in a lifetime" opportunity so there is ALWAYS time to take a breather and do some research. Don't worry, the program will still be there tomorrow.

About the author:
Shawn Johnson is the webmaster for http://internet-marketing-reviews.netwhere you can find real reviews on today's hottest income opportunities.

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